Rino - Design for All

Unicera, Istanbul, Turkey
Under the creative direction of Maurizio Molini, an innovative 1,000 sq.m concept-stand was presented at the Unicera 2018 international fair, offering Studio Molini an opportunity to emphatically relaunch the prestigious Rino - Design For All ceramic brand. At the entrance to the stand a monolithic, urban-sized video installation captures the visitor's attention, introducing the new strategic vision personally developed by Molini himself. Inside the stand an array of settings inspired by trends of contemporary design present the Rino Solution System, an integrated kit of low-cost ceramic tiles designed to offer solutions and inspiration to architects, interior designers and final consumers. In addition to a shop-in-shop, a design-lab and a large business lounge the stand also contains the Anytime Anywhere installation, where Molini has approached the theme of the relationship between art and industry.