Studio Molini is an architecture firm based in Vicenza, Italy that operates globally, designing buildings, exhibits, events, showrooms, and trade fair stands for various industries and companies, also offering product development, positioning, brand identity and art/creative direction consultancies. Studio Molini is also active within the residential sector with unmistakable Italian style.

Every Studio Molini project entails a point of interaction between architecture, art, and design, which creates an experience—an encounter between art and industry designed to rouse the senses and engage the mind at various levels of comprehension.

Leading the Studio Molini team is architect, Maurizio Molini—whose explorations of art and culture via frequent travels throughout Asia, Africa, and the Americas—build upon his aesthetic foundation of Italian design. He has witnessed the transformation of urban environments in South Africa; contemplated the aesthetic of emptiness in Japan; and observed multiculturalism throughout Brazil and the United States, where Studio Molini has been constantly operating since 2001. Over the last several years Molini has executed numerous projects also in Turkey.

Molini received his degree from IUAV (University of Architecture in Venice, Italy).